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If you use CQPweb in your published research, it would be very much appreciated if you could provide readers with a reference to the following paper:

Click here for other references relating to Corpus Workbench software.


Who did it?

CQPweb was created by Andrew Hardie (Lancaster University).

Most of the architecture, the look-and-feel, and even some snippets of code were shamelessly half-inched from BNCweb.

BNCweb's most recent version was written by Sebastian Hoffmann (University of Trier) and Stefan Evert (FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg). It was originally created by Hans-Martin Lehmann, Sebastian Hoffmann, and Peter Schneider.

The Docker image used as backbone of this CQPweb instance has been compiled and is maintained by Daniel Bodky (FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg).

The underlying technology of CQPweb is manifold.

  • Indexing and querying is done using the IMS Corpus Workbench with its CQP corpus query processor. Thus the name.
  • Other functions (collocations, corpus management etc.) are powered by MySQL databases.
  • The web-scripts are written in PHP.
  • JavaScript is used to make the data displays more interactive.
  • The look-and-feel relies on Cascading Style Sheets plus good old fashioned HTML.
  • The container techology making CQPweb and its prerequisites work out of the box is called Docker

CQPweb uses the following external JavaScript libraries:

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